Grayson Featured On the Metro

Star Wars ‘awakens’ with The Grayson

You may actually have to use the Force to take on The Grayson’s The Force Burger ($19.95): two beef patties, mac & cheese, pulled pork, bacon, cheddar and American cheeses, onion rings, mushrooms, jalapenos, a sunny-side egg and waffle fries are piled on the patties, with bacon Thousand Island and barbecue ranch sauces. For your heroic efforts, the…


Wisconsin: The Grayson

If you want to watch the Alabama game, but would like to root for the more fun team… again, I admitted I was biased… make your way to Mad River Bar & Grille (the photo above is me and my friends on our way to the Final 4) or The Grayson on Saturday at 8…


The Grayson Featured in Burger Weekly

Since our opening here at our Lower East Side – East Village location we have been receiving compliments and great reviews on what you can find here at The Grayson. Here is an excerpt Burger weekly recently had to say about The Grayson: The Experience: Sometimes I show up to a burger joint with the intention of…